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THE BRAIN LEADS, THE BODY FOLLOWS. I believe that a low impact, time under tension focused program is the most beneficial way to develop ourselves. I design each program specifically to each individual's physical and mental capabilities (mobility, cardio-vascular and muscular endurance) I begin each session focusing on identifying any pain we may be harboring, followed by corrective exercises that will remove the physical BARRIERS impeding our future SUCCESS. I believe it should be our goal as human beings to understand ourselves to our utmost ability. We all have personalities and habits, so do our bodies. I am passionate about finding the hows and whys as to why we behave and move the ways we do. 


Just like in life, we want to do our best to not overwhelm ourselves and take on an external load we are unprepared for. Therefore I program each session with the utmost focus on body control and activation of the appropriate musculature in each movement or exercise. Making sure that the strength we build from here on out is functional.  This teaches us body awareness and develops a greater perception of our mind-muscle connection. Once we have developed this awareness and connection we begin to add resistance / load to challenge both our mind and body.  As we continue to learn more about our ability we will OVERCOME TRAINING PLATEAUS and progress in ways in which we did not know we needed to inside and out. 

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